What Is Single Jersey Fabric? What Are The Features of Single Jersey Fabric?

elastane-single-jersey-fabricSingle jersey fabric is one the most common knit fabric type produced by single plate knitting machine and commonly used to produce t-shirts. (How is knitted fabrics made?) (What are the types of knit fabrics?) (What is single jersey knit fabric used for?)
Single jersey fabric is known with its elasticity and softness.
Single jersey fabric is also called as; jersey fabric, cotton jersey fabric, stretch jersey fabric, elastane jersey fabric, cotton elastane jersey fabric, spandex jersey fabric, cotton spandex jersey fabric, lycra jersey fabric, cotton lycra jersey fabric, etc.

Here is the general information about single jersey fabric;

• Single jersey fabric stretches twice in the width direction compared to its lenght direction.
• Can be produced both as tubular single jersey fabric or open width single jersey fabric.
• Can be produced %100 cotton single jersey fabric, %60 cotton %40 polyester single jersey fabric, %97 cotton %3 elastane single jersey fabric, %95 cotton %5 full elastane single jersey fabric. (There may be various other composition)
• Single jersey fabric can be melange, bleached, single dyed even double dyed in case of cotton/polyester blended fabric.
• The gsm of single jersey fabric varies depending on customer demands. For %100 cotton single jersey fabric, the gsm of the fabric may vary between 105 gram -200 gram.
• The width of single jersey fabric varies between 90-108 cm for tubular single jersey fabric and 160 cm to 190 cm for open width single jersey fabric.
• Most common %100 cotton single jersey fabric is; 30/1 %100 cotton single jersey Width: 180 cm Gsm: 150 gram.
• Most common full elastane single jersey fabric is; 36/1 %95 cotton %5 elastane single jersey Width: 185 cm Gsm: 165 gram.

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