Example Calculation

Fabric: 36/1 Cotton Full Elastane Single Jersey

Reuired Inputs: GSM, Width
Non-Required Input: Total Fabric KG

Weight of 1 Meter Fabric = (width/100)*(gsm/1000)
Length of 1 Kg = 1/Weight of 1 Meter Fabric
Length of 1 Roll = 25* Length of 1 Kg
Length of Total Fabric = Total Fabric Kf* Length of 1 Kg

How Many Meter Is My Fabric?

Note: Enter Your Fabric Data

Note-1: If your Fabric is tubular fabric, Then note the width x2.
For Example: If you have 92 cm Rib fabric, then take it as 92 cm x2= 184 cm

Note-2: 1 roll of fabric is taken as 25 kg

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